Do you want to remove a Tattoo?


I want to get rid of a tattoo that I have, what are my options?

Dr Cantu specializes in laser tattoo removal for the treatment of unwanted tattoos. The process

remoción de tatuajeinvolves using a laser with a specified wavelength to target the color in the tattoo. Several treatments are needed to completely remove the tattoo. 

What tattoo colors can be removed with laser treatment?

Black, brown, red, dark blue and tan tattoos can be removed with laser treatment. Tattoos that are mostly yellow or light blue are harder to remove.

Can you tell me about the actual tattoo removal procedure?

Before tattoo removal treatment, topical anesthesia is applied to the skin. The numbing medicine is then removed and the procedure takes about 20 minutes. Afterwards, patients can leave the office immediately following the procedure. The tattoo will become gray and scabby for about 1 week then will start to fade.

How many laser tattoo removal treatments are needed?

A series of laser treatments are always needed to get optimal results in tattoo removal. Most patients require an average of around 8 treatments.

Who performs the tattoo removal procedure?

All laser tattoo removal treatments are performed by  Dr Cantu.

What is the cost of the tattoo removal?

The price of laser tattoo removal varies by size of tattoo and is usually between $800 – $2000 pesos per session